Black and Blue Friday - Alpha and (hopeful) Release!

2017-11-24 12:50:09 by LDAF

Hey, folks! I'm trying to get a little brawler/runner out the door today, titled "Black and Blue Friday"! I have a few things that need to be fixed before I launch this bad boy, but would love some help alpha-testing first. The version of the game below has NUMEROUS issues that I'm aware, mostly in the way of temp graphics and sounds (in fact, it might be best to play the game on mute, considering there may be some nasty sound glitches). Still, there may be some game glitches I'm not aware of! I'd be really grateful to anyone who can click the link below and give it a run, let me know off the bat if there are any game glitches I may not know of. Hopefully, this post will be updated later with launch details! Thanks!

11/26 update - Game's coming out tomorrow now! What better day is there to release a web game based on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday, right?


It's out!



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