Clock Day, Madness Day, 2013?

2012-08-08 18:02:07 by LDAF

I know nobody reads these, but it's fun to pretend. :3

Clock Day movie is 100% done! All ready to submit on Clock Day, August 15.

Madness movie is in progress, pouring everything I've got into it to get it finished. That should be ready for September 22.

I'm gonna spread future projects out a bit more...probably just some silly stuff for a while. I need to get some good quality stuff in the Art Portal too. I'm thinking of having a new audio submission each month for 2013. Each one would be based upon the zodiac symbol of that month (such as a sound reflecting what tends to be the matching personality). I'll try to go through with it, should be interesting. I'd probably wrap it all up in one big .zip by the end of the year and name it something stupid like "Orchestra of the Zodiac."

EDIT- If you were a REAL man, you'd follow me!

Clock Day, Madness Day, 2013?


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2012-08-21 01:05:33


LDAF responds:

Sure is, fella. (your icon is amazing, by the way)


2012-08-27 20:32:01

is this the full movie from the trailer I saw 2 years ago?

LDAF responds:

Yep. It's kicking ass, and better than ever. Chaotic and fast paced, it's three minutes of pure madness!