Bunch of updates

2012-09-23 09:40:05 by LDAF

So how was everybody's Madness Day? Hope it was good for you! I really enjoyed some of the submissions yesterday! All in all, it feels really great to finally have submitted something for each NG Day after trying to for years. Anyhow, I'm making this post to just provide some updates (and to be brutally honest, make a little checklist for myself). By pure chance, I have a little something for each Portal, so I guess I'll split it up that way!

- o3o action movie trailer parody: Some of you like them, some of you hate them, and most of you don't know they exist. The little o3o emotes! To the dismay of many, I tend to use them a lot. I just think their cute, strange little appearances would be fun to base around an action movie trailer parody. Nothing too major, just something short and fun to do after breaking my back on my past few submissions.

- beat up Flash CS5/CS6: Burn, cut, maim, ruin, KILL! Another one to blow some steam off, especially after the Madness movie. Not gonna lie, I'm happy with the final result, but it was absolute HELL during development; it didn't help that I was stuck with the glitch-tastic Flash CS5. I had to download the CS6 demo just to finish the movie, and THAT glitched up in a weird way: it could never save over a file, but could create a new one; if I wanted to save one little change, I'd have to save as. This left me with about 2 GB of spare files by the time Madness Day came! All in all, this is just gonna be a little gadget where I'm aiming to have about 25-30 (hopefully 30) kill animations for...Flash CS5/CS6's icon (aiming to have the user be able to choose either).

- Orchestra of the Zodiac: Detailed a bit in my last post. I'll aim to have a piece of music for each zodiac symbol (each month of the year), based upon that symbol's usual traits (for example, Leo, which is August, would have a proud, dominant orchestral sound, but a Virgo would have something more on the quiet, studious side).

- Still a Prisoner in His Home: Just a graphite piece done in Corel Painter to get me back into the swing of drawing. The title is a line of the lyrics from The Infection . I think it fits very well with the piece, and the song really hit home when I first heard it back in August 2010.

That's all, folks!


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2012-10-23 01:19:35

Hai Ldafalaf.

LDAF responds:



2012-12-05 22:09:15

you ever played borderlands 2?

LDAF responds:

No, but I really need to!