Quickie update?

2013-01-10 14:51:30 by LDAF

This is mostly for myself to keep a tracklist of things to work at and things I've done; having it on my userpage motivates me a bit more well.

* o3o action movie parody- canned. I didn't care for it, you didn't care for it, who'll miss it?! I never even started it; I realized it was completely stupid and likely embarrassing.

* Havin' a Ball!


This was put together from November up through now; learned a big lesson on difficulty curve and invisible levels (almost entirely the latter). NEVER going to make another game in Stencyl as well; I had complaints of the game crashing in certain browsers, lagging more than it should be, not to mention that I just found Stencyl horrible to work with.

* Flash CS5 Beat 'Em Up

Still working at a silly little gadget that's a "torture chamber" for the logo of Flash CS5, a little tongue-in-cheek thing at the program so many devs (including myself) called a nightmare. Maybe I could just allow people to upload whatever image they want that fits a certain size and allow 'em to go at it in addition to CS5 (and likely Stencyl now, he he hi ho ).

* Pico's Mission

Almost a year later and I'm aiming to have a huge update which fixes all the issues with the game. Gimmick is the latest to hop on board as a coder. All in all, it would fix glitches and finally add in that final boss.

* Orchestra of the Zodiac

...is still going as planned. A song per month for 2013, I'm wrapping up Aquarius this weekend, uploading it (hopefully) Feb. 2nd, yadda yadda yadda.


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2013-03-02 12:01:15

Whats the torture chamber gonna be like?

LDAF responds:

There'll be a number (aiming for 25) of different animations to click through of various ways to destroy the logo (i.e. locust attack, flamethrower, etc). They're preset animations, so it's a bit more of an animation reel than something that's dynamic.


2013-06-07 09:32:34

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sean1694/th e-eliminator
What do you think?

LDAF responds:

I like it! The cloth on the jacket especially came out really nice; those little wrinkles and such in the fabric aren't always easy to do in a way that looks realistic.