2016: To-do!

2016-01-17 20:27:27 by LDAF

New year, new batch of projects. As with my last few posts, this is mostly a list to keep myself focused on what I want to finish this year for Newgrounds. 

Leftover from 2015:

  •  Black and Blue Friday: FishtailGames and I weren't able to finish this in time last year, but we've been chipping away at it and making good progress! In summary, it's a game about making your way and progressing through the only legal bloodsport in America: Black Friday!
  • Red Cap Studios: The guy that I'm working on this with is in the middle of getting a script together for a video that's a series of very quick (think 10 seconds or so) animated skits (think ASDF Movie). It'd have a mostly static, quickly-snapping style of animation so we can get it done quickly. After that, there might not be much more content that I'm very involved with, but who knows. 

For 2016:

  • New LDAF design identity: Remaking logo, icon, etc. here to make a more appealing aesthetic that fits with what how I want to be seen as an artist. 
  • Education: Being an animation student, I have a lot of assignments that typically end up being 20-30 second animations. These are too short to post on NG by themselves, but by the end of this semester, I'll have enough work that I'll be confident enough to compile them into a single submission. Hopefully I'll release it around May or June.
  • Social Justice animation: No, no, not the Tumblr brand of social justice...my school started an animation festival last November loosely based around social justice, and each year may have a more concrete theme (i.e. compassion). I don't have a script or anything yet, but I'd love to think about how commonplace and desentizing violence is today. It seems that an innocent kid in the ghetto is going to be shot tomorrow, and the day after that, a marketplace in the Middle East will be blown sky-high, and the day after that, someone will shoot up their school, and the day after that...I want to do something a little more surreal and symbolic so I can handle these topics with the sensitive touch they deserve, but at the same time, make it clear what the movie is actually about. 
  • Writing?: I want to make significant progress on my next book, a black comedy/drama titled Russian Roulette with a Black Widow. Additionally, I've been thinking a bit lately about how inactive I've become with the Writer's Guild, and that I'll admit to not really having a clue what's been going on with that. I'll make a better effort to at least see what's being going on in the writing forum. 
  • Practice: In general, I want to refine my work. I want to get to a more professional-looking point so I can get back to some projects I was working on as far back as 2010, but just didn't have the skill (or, admitedly, the patience) to handle the way I needed to. 

So, let's see how much of that I can get accomplished!


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